Cleaning your motorcycle - the Classic Dirt Bike way (Muc-Off)

Published: 10:50AM Oct 16th, 2012
By: Tim Britton
We put Muc-Off to the ultimate test with our project Can-Am

First of all get your bike nice and dirty, we took ours to Northumberland for the Hot Trod Vinduro and liberally coated it in mud. Once back at CDB HQ, a bit of time was spent removing things like the bash plate to allow the mud to be removed from under the engine. Then we used a small stick to scrape the bigger bits off.

With a bike beginning to emerge from the mud, the next stage was to wash off as much as was possible and make the bike all wet again before applying the Muc-Off. Like all things, the more care you take at the preparation stage the better the end result will be, so to access all parts of the bike it was laid over on its side too.

Once the bulk of the muck was off, the Muc-Off was squirted on by a pump action spray. Don't be frightened to douse the whole bike liberally with this, assisting with a brush for ingrained dirt, then adding more cleaner. The instructions say let it soak in for a few moments, a good chance for a cup of coffee and possibly a biscuit...

Then simply power wash, or pressure hose the bike all over and the result is impressive. Well done Muc-Off, even better, the lucky winner of our Can-Am will have some Muc-Off to help keep it clean.

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