Ramsgate Rev-Up!

Published: 08:44AM Sep 15th, 2016
By: Nigel Devereux

In spite of the spectacular success of the ‘Ramsgate Revival’ sprint last year, months of uncertainty led to the final abandonment of a repeat sprint demonstration this year.  

Ramsgate Rev-Up!

Sheelagh Neal regales Ramsgate's mayor with memories of racing with her father's Scott at Ramsgate. (Photo: Carol Green)

Determined the momentum of interest should be maintained, the organisers decided to go ahead with an alternative – the Ramsgate Rev-Up, a static show, on August 14, with an unusual feature.

Twice during the day there was a chorus of mainly unsilenced competition bikes creating a wall of sound on the Western Undercliff, the site of the original Ramsgate sprints.

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