Ramsgate records shaved

Published: 04:27PM Sep 14th, 2016
By: Photographs: MORTONS ARCHIVE

George Brown and Reg Gilbert put up new times on the seafront.  

Ramsgate records shaved

Gunning the screaming Ariel off the line is George Brown.

Taking place at the end of September 1961, the Ramsgate sprint attracted most of the big names of British sprinting, with George Brown top of the bill, who had his 1000cc Vincent V-twin special and 250cc Ariel two-stroke twin both at his disposal.

Others in attendance included Basil Keys, with a 1000cc JAP powered V-twin and 350cc AJS, Neville Higgins and Pat Barrett (both Vincent V-twin) and Bill Bragg, with his 650cc Triumph, Yellow Peril.

Charlie Luck was there with his 715cc single cylinder cammy Norton-based machine – built in collaboration with engine wizard Bill Stuart – while Dr Joe Bayley’s famous Douglas sprinter (still used in anger today) was being ridden by Dr Roger Willoughby.

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