NSU - pride of Neckarsulm

Published: 09:18AM Sep 15th, 2016
By: Nigel Devereux

Rosie Canning tells the story of the NSU Owners’ Club, which becomes a new listing on our ‘Club Call’ page this month, and the many advantages that membership can bring.  

NSU - pride of Neckarsulm

The amazing build quality of NSU motorcycles is more than evident in this photo taken at a typical British gathering - and just look at those Prima scooters as well.

Catering for the whole range of NSU vehicles, from Quickly mopeds to scooters, motorcycles, cars with air-cooled-engines, rotary-engined Spiders and Ro80s – even a couple of Rotavators –the NSU Owners’ Club was formed in 1961 and is the oldest NSU club in the world.

Oh, and if you happen to have a half-track Kettenkrad, we can help with that too. It makes for interesting phone calls sometimes!

Over the years, more and more Quicklies have been reappearing – there must be hundreds still out there, languishing in sheds and hedges.

These fun little bikes were very popular in the UK in the late 1950s and early 60s, and many people who owned them as their first mode of powered transport back then are now buying them again or dragging them out of the back of their garages.

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