Harley V-Rod custom exhaust upgrade

Published: 10:21AM Jan 13th, 2012
By: Mark Daynes
Want a set of loud pipes for your Harley V-Rod for less than £150? It's now possible thanks to a man in a shed in deepest Norfolk who has come up with an ingenious solution to the old problem of making a V-Rod sound like a proper Harley should without breaking the bank

Retired road racer Mark Daynes - owner of a very customised and loud Harley big twin - literally couldn't believe his ears when he heard the muffled sound from his wife's new V-Rod.

Mark has come up with some slash-cut turn out pipes which can be either turned out or down, depending on your preference. Fitting is simple. Undo the two clamps on the factory-fit silencers, undo three retaining bolts and with a yank or two they will come off. Before sliding on the shorties - which are beautifully engineered from stainless steel - make sure the pipe on your bike is free from rust or crud. A couple of rubs with wire wool, a smear of exhaust paste and a few taps with a rubber hammer...it's that easy.

Word of warning! They are such a good fit that it pays to get them positioned right first time. As a belt and braces measure the pipes are tapped with a small bolt which locks on to the V-Rod pipe. This can't be seen and the result is a far better looking 'silencer' that really suits the lines of the header pipes.

Our Harley fuels fine without the need for re-mapping and Mark has had no complaints from happy customers on this front either. Oh, and they are about ten kilos lighter than the originals!

To find Mark's pipes, go to his ebay shop

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