Classic Dirtbike on sale - issue 30

Published: 10:51AM Feb 21st, 2014
By: Web editor
Visionary 'bar raisers', Yamaha YZ 360A and why you need one, cylinder care, our Montesa comes together, plus Honda, BSA Bantam, Husqvarna and Montesa reviews. On sale now...
Classic Dirtbike on sale - issue 30

New CDB's out!

Tim Britton sets the scene

Editor talks about dirty things...

• In balance
Regression to a younger time is the theme this issue. Remember your youth? Of course you do, yesterday is hazy though

• News
This is where it’s at folks, all the scoops, the latest news and some exciting stuff about Classic Dirtbike too

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• Original and unrestored
We’re as surprised as anyone that unrestored bikes are still out there. We thought a few maybe... but no, there’s more. This time an ISDT Husqvarna

• Something special
It may be a trials bike, it may be an MXer or even an enduro but it has that certain something that makes it truly special

• You need
This is where we tell you what you need in your shed. Yes, bossy of us isn’t it… feel free to disagree and tell us what we should have instead

• Dirt products
Want to make your holeshot faster? Keep your feet up easier? Or be bang on the time card? This could be where it is. Got something for off-roaders? Tell us and we’ll tell them

•Smith tales
Old friends reminisce while travelling roads gone by… deep eh? Actually, they’re in the Highlands of Scotland

An hour with…
… the guy who polarises opinion, yes Alan Wright, CDB columnist, show organiser and top class off-roader

• Moto Memories
A glance through the archive here at CDB is a dangerous thing. Once the boxes are opened, that’s the day gone. Makes for interesting reading though

• Wright or wrong
What’s attracted Wrighty’s attention this issue? Will you agree or disagree? Or just agree to disagree

• Rebuilt to ride

Jerry Thurston’s Montesa rebuild starts to look like a motorcycle again. This issue he’s looking at wheels too

• Tech talk
Are we boring you? Maybe, maybe not. A delve inside the barrel to see what we can see

• World of sport

Something special from the USA, the Classic Manx two day trial and Hot Trod enduro… see something for everyone

• The International Dirt Bike Show
With new bikes, old bikes, classic bikes, guests, live action and even autojumble, it’s time to check out the International Dirt Bike Show at Stoneleigh

• Winter Classic
Though the Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic Show is mainly roadster oriented, there’s enough off-road to please

• Hot Honda

Honda enters, Honda wins, was the claim at one time. Hardly surprising really when it produced bikes like this

The day the world changed
There are some events that are so momentous it is obvious they’re world changing. Others are not quite so obvious but you can look back on them and say ‘Everything was different after that…’ This is our take on it. Let us know yours

• Iconic engines
Second in our short series of engines we deem iconic, which is an admittedly subjective term. An engine which powered virtually the entire industry is a good start though

• Bantam weight
BSA’s Bantam has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity for the trials world at least. We take a look at the Beezer stroker

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