RealClassic 104 out now!

Published: 07:35AM Dec 3rd, 2012
By: Web editor
A Norton desert sled, two BSA 500s, a Royal Enfield Bullet, BMW R60 and a Triumph Bonnie! Plus a woman in a nurse’s uniform! It’s all in the new issue of RealClassic...
RealClassic 104 out now!

RealClassic 104 available now!

In the December 2012 edition, RealClassic writers get to grips with…

A 1968 US-spec Boxer is brought back from the brink. Its owner explains how, and why this model attracted him in the first place

The unit-construction BSA 500 twin was built between 1962 and 1970 or so. In that time it changed significantly in character, if not much mechanically. We test one from each end of the era to see how different they feel on the road today

Norton P11
What would happen if you took the beefy Norton 750 Atlas twin engine and squeezed it into the scrambles chassis intended for a single-cylinder 500? The famous P11 desert sled is the result, and Frank Westworth rode one

Kenilworth MotorcycletteKenilworth Motorcyclette
Back in 1921, 15mph was considered to be a more than adequate cruising speed for an open-framed ladies’ mount. Odgie meets a truly remarkable 142cc pushrod four-stroke, and is amazed

Morini Corsaro rebuild, pt 4
Morini’s small capacity single-cylinder models are usually overshadowed by the popular 350 twins. Stuart Thomson tackles the top end

Royal Enfield Bullet, part 1
Odgie spent £1400 on a 2002 Bullet on eBay, and before transforming it into something extraordinary he fettled it into roadgoing condition and ran around on it for a bit. Well, he tried to. But that clutch takes some adjustment…

Suzuki Featherbed special, part 2
This was going to be the final chapter but we couldn’t fit it all in. So this time Martyn Roberts fits his Suzuki single engine into a Norton featherbed frame

Triumph Bonneville
Yes it is another T140 Triumph 750 twin, but this is not just any old T140 Triumph 750 twin. Tis the very rare Anti Vibration version, with rubber where it matters. We test its mettle against a similarly bendy Norton Commando and a Devimead BSA 750, and count white fingers in the caff

Plus… Graham Ham goes on a special trip with a very special pillion passenger; RC readers discuss Phil Irving, the correct gear camplate for speed twins, defining torque and the problem of patina; Jacqueline Bickerstaff investigates early rotary engine; Dave Minton discusses magnetos, and Frank Westworth starts reassembling his Ariel single in the Shed.

As regular readers will know, the monthly RealClassic magazine explores ancient and classic, British and international bikes, with in-depth articles by expert and enthusiast authors. But RC isn’t normally available in the shops. So here’s how to buy the December issue.

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