1925 Husqvarna BS 9241, owned by Rodney Hann

Husqvarna 180 546This machine is a model 150 made in 1925. It a 550cc V-twin. This model, with the Husqvarna engine and gearbox, was only made for 15 months because they were of such high quality that the firm lost money on each bike they produced. They continued with the same cycle parts but with proprietary engines and gearboxes.

This bike was brought to England around 1970 but never used. It was taken in part exchange for a Rover machine wanted by a Swedish enthusiast. It was advertised for sale in 2000 and I was the first person to respond, and luckily a deal was done. The machine was virtually complete and in good condition and all tinware was sound, but the bike needed a full restoration.

The rebuild commenced in 2002 and I completed it in 2004 when it was first registered in the UK as BS 9241. Mechanically everything was in good order but for preventative reasons some new bearings and piston rings were fitted. Pistons, big end and all valves and guides are the originals.

All the cycle parts were blasted clean and repainted using two pack paint. The fuel tank was professionally painted. Very little nickel plating was done as I prefer to remake all fasteners and fittings in stainless steel. Some handlebar levers were present but not a complete set, so I made all new levers in stainless steel to facilitate a matched set on each side. Another modification is the front brake.  Originally the bike was fitted with an internal expanding shoe drum brake on the back wheel, this was supplemented by a contracting band brake around the same drum, a direct copy of those used on Harley Davidson. These brakes are retained but not being happy with no front brake I have augmented this with a period drum brake in the front wheel. The original front wheel has been retained for any future owner.  Other work undertaken by me included rebuilding the wheels, making new tool boxes, rewiring and a host of other small items.

Unusual for 1925 was that Husqvarna specified Bosch electric lighting and horn as standard fitment. Another unusual feature is the Husqvarna front forks which have five pivot points, this allows the forks some movement fore and aft as well as up and down.

On the road the machine has proved reliable and very pleasant to ride. Not powerful and quick but smooth and refined and everything works just as it should. To this day it rides like a brand new machine. I have done many miles with it since restoration on club runs, the Banbury Run and the Graham Walker Run among others.

This machine is very rare as I know of only one other in the UK and only about 10 machines are known worldwide, with few of those in a rideable condition. Rodney Hann bike

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