Straight from the plate: Crystal Palace road races, September 1927

Gus Kuhn won on his 350cc Velocette, from like mounted Lancaster. The first sidecar race was the Gatwick Cup Race for private owners; Truett (490cc Norton) was the winner, after Sewell (980cc Brough Superior) and Angell (976cc McEvoy) retired. In the trade section, winner was Pallanza, on his ohv 498cc Triumph, after Gordon Norchi had the sidecar wheel come adrift when leading on his 346cc Coventry-Eagle.

Bell, on a ‘very hot’ OK-Supreme won an ‘uninteresting’ Kempton Cup Race (350cc private owners) from Blakebrough’s Cotton, then the Leicester Cup Race for 250cc trade machines was won by Cecil Barrow on his Royal Enfield, before the big race of the day, the Autumn Cup.

Though Kuhn took the win, from Karl Pugh’s OK Supreme and after Foulds crashed his Sunbeam when engaged in battle with Kuhn, the show was rather stolen by Chable and his Norton – on lap one he nearly fell off at the hairpin, on lap two he survived a huge skid, lap three hit a bank and did fall off, before restarting the wrong way downhill, then on lap four did a ‘Charleston’ exhibition before on lap five, finally, vanishing...

Crystal Palace road races, September 1927The private 250cc Leicester Cup Race was won by F.W. ‘Nobby’ Clark on a tweaked Coventry-Eagle from Twitchett’s home-made – and rather ingenious – Villiers-powered ‘Gasoline Hare’ then it was the Doncaster Cup race for 350cc trade sidecars – Norchi’s wheel stayed in place and he duly won.

Kuhn won again next time out in the 350cc Goodwood Cup Race for trade 350s, with Jack Williams second on a New Henley, and Bell third. Then there were two Lewes Cup Races for 600cc sidecars – the first, for private owners, was won by Newman on his Matchless, from Truett, while Richards won the trade event, on his 596cc Scott, but only after Norchi had more problems with his sidecar – this time, he lost the wheel completely, the lug securing it to the chassis pulling off and casting it adrift.

Final race of the day was the Nottingham Cup race for private owners of 500cc machines; winner was Willimott on his HRD with Ted Pink (P&M) in second place. After the final race, the trophies were presented to all the winners, the names already engraved upon them, while Norchi, meanwhile, drove away his two-wheeled sidecar outfit with a skid in place of the wheel...

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