Classic British Legends: Cadwell Park

The most loved, most mythical, most spectacular racetrack in use in mainland Britain? Well, though perhaps Scarborough and Oulton Park may have claims to the title – Scarborough’s albeit tenuous, as it’s not a racetrack ‘full time’ – to many Cadwell Park and its awesome ‘Mountain’ has the crown firmly in its grasp.

Cadwell Park’s story begins in 1926, when Mr Mansfield Wilkinson bought the land, approximately midway between Louth and Horncastle, so that he could enjoy shooting the local wildlife at weekends. Located on the cusp of the Lincolnshire Wolds, the natural gradients made the land unsuitable for farming, hence its use as a ‘shooting’ habitat. But Mansfield had a son, Charles, who liked motorbikes and it wasn’t long before Wilkinson the younger was agitating at using a bit of the land for speed events; the first, organised under the auspices of Louth and District Motor Cycle Club (of which Charlie was secretary) was a hill climb held in 1933, in front of the Manor House, where Charlie Wilkinson lived later on and which served as the event offices and such.

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