Oh dear...

Published: 09:54AM Dec 24th, 2014
By: Mike Penny
Is there an answer to prevent modern fuels gumming up carbs?
Oh dear...

Not good!

This time of year reminds me of storing bikes and also of when I got my own Hinckley Thunderbird out after a 10 year (yes, ten years!) layoff under a cover. The long downtime for the bike was abetted by a couple of house moves and a garage bursting at the seams with boxes and junk that the poor old T'Bird was just consigned to a damp spot in the far corner of the garage.

Of course, it wouldn't start with  a new battery, fresh petrol, so a carb stripdown was needed. And the pic above is one of the needle jets. They (and the carbs' tiny passages) were completely blocked with gunk, so I needed a new set of jets - very costly - and hours of tedious work cleaning out the fuel passages.

Now my esteemed friends tell me the high ethanol fuel we have now can start clogging in a few months and the best soluition is to keep the tank fully brimmed, as it's the oxygen which starts the fuel's decomposition. Not draining draining the fuel will help, as you'll still have residue in the jets and fuel lines. Any ideas greatly received!

Emails to me below, please, and I'll share your responses.

Mike Penny, editor

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