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Scott Russell was an old-school racer and 1993 was his best year. That season he not only won the Suzuka 8 Hours race with team-mate Aaron Slight on the Muzzy Kawasaki, but he also took the World Superbike title for the marque on the ZXR750, making him the only 750cc winner of the title on a straight four...
Japanese 750 four cylinder motorcycles tested
At the dawn of the 80s the choice of 750cc sportbikes was limited to conventional in-line fours from Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki. Larger capacity bikes satisfied the power hungry, but the 750s were more agile rides and began to win back support. John Nutting rode three of the best...
Ron Haslam profile, motorcycle racer Rocket Ron
John Brown reflects on the 35-year racing career of Britain's race hero, 'Rocket' Ron Haslam
Eighties icon: Honda CBR600 motorcycle
Motorcyclists in 1999 have grown used to the idea that Honda's CBR600 has been consistently the best selling machine of its class. It's almost a permanent fixture at the top of the sports bike chart. But it wasn't always like that...
Honda CB400F classic motorcycle test
Honda's CB400F four of 1978 was a ground-breaking machine, a little bike with a big heart that took to the race track with glee...
Honda CB 750 motorcycle road test
Searing acceleration and good roadholding from Honda's 750 four
Yamaha 350 YR5 road test from seventies
Yamaha's YR5 350 ws not as fearsome as we had anticipated but it's still a good all-round performer
Kawasaki 350 two stroke triple
We come to terms with Kawasaki's latest rip-snorting triple-pot machine from Japan
Honda CB450 v Triumph 500 classic motorcycle road test
Jewels of the orient. We test Honda's 'Black Bomber' CB450 against Triumph's 500
Dave Potter profile
In the heady superbike days of the Seventies the battles between the big 750cc two strokes were legend...

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