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Bridgestone 175SR classic motorcycle

Bridgestone 175SR

Bridgestone motorcycles established a reputation for solid engineering. The disc valve engines were well designed, simple to service and used the very best cutting edge materials including chromium plated bores in alloy cylinder castings...

Yamaha XJ1100

The Yamaha XJ1100 Maxim was the last in a line of hairy chested,...
1974 Kawasaki Z1A

Kawasaki Z1A

Honda's CB750 took and shook the motorcycle market but Kawasaki'...

Yamaha 350 YR3

If you think this month’s subject matter looks like it has one...

Kawasaki KE175B

The KE175's designers undoubtedly put a lot of thought into the...

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Yamaha TZR250

Yamaha TZR250

Even in the second millenium a 250 ‘stroker is a potent missile and the TZR250 is quite possibly the considered weapon of choice
Kawasaki Z1 900

Top bikes of the Seventies: 1

At last! John Nutting's top 10 motorcycles of the Seventies, whi...
Kawasaki W650 flat tracker

Kawasaki W650 flat tracker

This bike may have looked like a 1999 Kawasaki W650 when Sean Ky...
Kawasaki W-series 650 twins

Kawasaki W-series 650 twins

Low sales volume still didn’t stop Kawasaki from selling its o...
Yamaha FZ750

Yamaha FZ750: 25 things

Yamaha’s FZ750 was possibly the biggest leap forward of any Ja...

Latest Archive Feature

Scott Russell wins the Suzuka 8 hours, 1993

Scott Russell was an old-school racer and 1993 was his best year. That season he not only won the Suzuka 8 Hours race with team-mate Aaron Slight on the Muzzy Kawasaki, but he also took the World Superbike title for the marque on the ZXR750, making him the only 750cc winner of the title on a straight four...
Japanese 750 four cylinder motorcycles tested

750cc fours tested

At the dawn of the 80s the choice of 750cc sportbikes was limite...
Ron Haslam profile, motorcycle racer Rocket Ron

Seventies hero: Ron Haslam

John Brown reflects on the 35-year racing career of Britain's ra...
Eighties icon: Honda CBR600 motorcycle

Honda CBR600

Motorcyclists in 1999 have grown used to the idea that Honda's C...
Honda CB400F classic motorcycle test

Honda CB400F

Honda's CB400F four of 1978 was a ground-breaking machine, a lit...

Latest Reference

250cc Honda four racer

Japan’s famous racing four

Honda's slightly 'oversquare' 250 four is conventionally designed, aside from the four valves per cylinder, contributing to a healthy 45bhp output

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Suzuki GS1000 classic Japanese superbike road test

Suzuki GS1000

Twenty-five years ago, the young Rod Ker always thought the GS750 was a better bike than its 1000cc successor. So it’s with some reluctance that we have to report that this test has done nothing to change the churlish Mr. Ker’s mind...
Kawasaki Z1300 original Japanese musclebike

Kawasaki Z1300

Late in 1978, at the Cologne Show in Germany, Kawasaki unveiled ...
Yamaha XJ900 Japanese motorcycle

Yamaha XJ900

Yamaha’s original XJ900 was biggest of a line of slim shaft-dr...
Iconic Kawasaki GPZ600R

Kawasaki GPZ600R

Kawasaki’s GPz600R was the first liquid-cooled 600cc four, a b...
Suzuki RG500 (left) and GSX-R 750

Suzuki GSX-R750 v RG500

The early 80s was a hot-bed of motorcycle development where two-...

Latest Workshop

Kawasaki Z400 engine rebuild

Kawasaki Z400 rebuild: 3

After owner Steve tracks down some serviceable second hand pistons for his Kawasaki Z400 twin - and splashes out for some new rings - Rod Gibson completes the engine rebuild...
Suzuki GS750 classic motorcyle

Suzuki GS750 rebuild part three

After sorting through the pile of bits last month I’m now read...
Seats can be rejuventated with a new cover

Seat re-covering

When it comes to restoring motorcycles, you can almost bet your ...
Honda C77 motorcycle restoration

Honda C77 rebuild parts 4-6

The restoration nears completion. In this part Richard completes...
Yamaha 650 XS1

Yamaha XS650 overhaul: 1

Our 1979 Yamaha XS650 had struggled on the daily commute, then g...