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The Norton Big 4 motorcycle was a popular machine post WW1
Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic motorcycle guide
Early Bultaco four speed model classic motorcycle
Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic motorcycle guide
Tandon Kangaroo classic motorcycle
Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic motorcycle guide
Commander lightweight commuter motorcycle
The revolutionary Commander stole the Earls Court Motorcycle Show? With very few exceptions, lightweight two-stroke manufacturers had little incentive to produce stylish new designs that broke with tradition, mainly because the machines they produced were destined to perform a basic, utilitarian role...
The August 16, 1923 issue of The Motor Cycle announced that the Grigg Motor & Engineering Company in Winchester Road, Twickenham would be marketing a range of single-cylinder and V-twin engines under the patents of Messrs Bacher and Hellow, who were responsible for B and H engines...
Life at the Meriden Triumph motorcycle factory (pdf)
Triumph specialist Hughie Hancox spent many happy years at Meriden and had a 'right royal time'. Here he shares some anecdotes, from archery in the Packing Department to covering up for test rider Percy Tait when a policeman chased him into the factory canteen...
250cc Honda four racer
Honda's slightly 'oversquare' 250 four is conventionally designed, aside from the four valves per cylinder, contributing to a healthy 45bhp output
This Pilgrim oil pump is an example of a delivery only pump
Oil pumps are usually hidden in the depths of an engine. Unfortunately the age-old saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ often applies. As they are the heart of our motorcycle engines, lubricating vital bearings and other moving surfaces, they deserve regular health checks...
Now when was it that historical motorcycle booklet
Welcome to the second online serialisation of the book Now when was it that?, a mixed bag of motorcycle snippets and industry trivia, written by Old Bike Mart's founder Ken Hallworth, then recrafted by Jeff Clew...
AJS and Matchless twin - iconic engines
When AMC introduced its parallel twin engine to an eager public in 1948 at the Motorcycle Show, it proved that the firm was not frightened of bucking the trend in engine building...
1949 AB Jackson lightweight 99cc classic motorcycle
Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic motorcycle guide. To view other content within this reference work, you must be a subscriber
Ariel's pressed frame was ahead of its time
Innovative motorcycle manufacturer Ariel was arguably ahead of its time when it produced the pressed steel frame for the Leader and Arrow. It didn't catch on at the time, sadly...
Viper engine produced impressive power output
Never a major manufacturer in the way of Triumph or BSA, Velocette nevertheless produced some iconic motorcycles generally based around a single-cylinder four-stroke engine...
JAP works in Northumberland Park, Tottenham, London, 1946
There's a mountain of difference between pioneering a cine camera and manufacturing the world's most powerful engines, but that's just what John Prestwich did and successfully too...
Royal Enfield 500cc vertical twin
When was it that Royal Enfield had an un-named twin?
Second version of Crighton’s air-cooled rotary racer 1987
It’s fifty-five years since the first practical Wankel rotary engine was built by NSU in Germany. John Nutting was one of the first journalists to ride a rotary-engined motorcycle when Norton-Villiers-Triumph revealed its ultra-smooth prototype in the 70s...
Hesketh 1200cc Vulcan
British Bike enthusiasts were willing Lord Hesketh to fulfil his dream of building a competitive all-British superbike, but it was not to be. The bikes were badly received and suffered from noisy transmissions and production faults, forcing the company into receivership during the summer of 1982...
View original Amal Monobloc article (pdf)
Four phase check for economy and performance on Amal's popular Monobloc motorcycle carburettor by Don Bridgewood...
Moto Guzzi Le Mans was the range leader for the Italian motorcycle firm
Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic motorcycle guide
Now when was it that? bookazine
Serialisation of motorcycle industry trivia, offering a fascinating historical insight into the workings and marketing of motorcycles

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