Latest Buying Guide

Yamaha YCS1

Easy on the wallet but punching well above its weight, that’ll be Yamaha’s 180 twin, says Steve ‘Scoop’ Cooper...
Velocette LE

Velocette LE 1948 - 1971

Velocette's LE had a long production life, which indicated succes...
1932 Ariel VH32 Red Hunter classic British motorcycle

Ariel VH32 Red Hunter

This four-valve sporting Ariel single was only catalogued for the...
BSA's classic CB34 classic motorcycle


BSA's Clubman Gold Star is one of the most iconic and revered Bri...
Bridgestone 175SR classic motorcycle

Bridgestone 175SR

Bridgestone motorcycles established a reputation for solid engine...

Latest General Feature

Ducati 350 Desmo single

Italian favourites part two

John Nutting's concluding look at Seventies Italian classics, starting with the Ducati 350 Desmo and closing with a Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mkl...
Honda RC181 motorcycle race replica

Honda RC181 replica

There are almost as many Honda RC181 four race replicas around th...
Yamaha TZR250

Yamaha TZR250

Even in the second millenium a 250 ‘stroker is a potent missile...
Kawasaki GPZ 500S

Parallel twins

A classic layout, the parallel twin is experiencing a resurgence ...

Sounds like a good idea

Using sound waves to clean tricky bits of a motorcycle is a non-i...

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Latest Archive Feature

Blown BSA Sprinter

Built by Geoff Garside, this A10/A65 hybrid was built during the heyday of straightline racing...

Classic archive: Long standing trick rider, 1952

Accompanying a picture in The Motor Cycle in March, 1952, was the...

Middle Eastern adventure, 1956

If you are going to embark on an 8000 mile motorcycle holiday to ...

The Mablethorpe Speed Trials, 1924

The Motor Cycle described it as a ‘fine and warm day’ in Sept...

Matchless charm

The road test of the new 347cc overhead cam single in 1924 reveal...

Latest Reference

A new dawn for Cadwell Park, August bank holiday 1961

Cadwell Park launched the newly extended 2.25 mile circuit with a star studded International meeting in August 1961, in front of more than 25,000 spectators...
Early Bultaco four speed model classic motorcycle

A to Z classic reference: Buchet - Cazenave

Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic moto...
Tandon Kangaroo classic motorcycle

A to Z classic reference: Talbot - Thor

Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic moto...
Commander lightweight commuter motorcycle

When was it that? Commander

The revolutionary Commander stole the Earls Court Motorcycle Show...

The Grigg side-valve V-twin - August 1923

The August 16, 1923 issue of The Motor Cycle announced that the G...

Latest Road Test

Triumph Trident T160

Triumph Trident T160

Triumph’s three cylinder Trident provided the signature sound for racers in the early Seventies and led to the best of the bunch, the T160, made for just a year from 1975. John Nutting explains...
1931 AJS Model S3 classic motorcycle

AJS Model S3

The AJS S3 was a bright and bold new design from AJ Stevens of Wo...
Benelli 650 Tornado

Benelli 650

Benelli’s 650 twin was a radical take on the British parallel t...
Triumph Speed Twin 1952  classic British motorcycle

Triumph Speed Twin

Writing about a 1952 Triumph Speed Twin, arguably the most handso...
BSA Spitfire Scrambler

BSA Spitfire

Whether the Americans truly desired the specification of machiner...

Latest Workshop

Kawasaki Z400 engine rebuild

Kawasaki Z400 rebuild: 3

After owner Steve tracks down some serviceable second hand pistons for his Kawasaki Z400 twin - and splashes out for some new rings - Rod Gibson completes the engine rebuild...
Suzuki GS750 classic motorcyle

Suzuki GS750 rebuild part three

After sorting through the pile of bits last month I’m now ready...
Harley-Davidson Sportster service

Harley-Davidson Sportster service

The 1200cc vee-twin had delivered three years’ unblemished serv...
Velocette 250 and 350 motorcycle service notes (pdf)

Velocette 250 and 350

Velocette 250 and 350 ‘iron engine’ service notes. Models cov...
Seats can be rejuventated with a new cover

Seat re-covering

When it comes to restoring motorcycles, you can almost bet your h...

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